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Highlights of the AWS Codes & Welding Techniques


Members of WPSAmerica.com have also access to hands-on welding documents, like highlights of the AWS and ASME welding codes, complete codes' rules with full guidance, and welding techniques for several welding processes, in downloadable PDF formats.

By using the WPSAmerica.com welding software, you gain an insight for the welding codes.

Don't get confused by trying to figure out some complicated clauses of a welding code. We did all the hard work for you, so that you can benefit from this site, headache free.  

WPSAmerica.com hands-on welding documents, like welding techniques are prepared by the code experts. The documents have references to the Clauses of welding codes for welding of steels and stainless steels, for several welding processes (SMAW, GMAW-Solid Wire, GMAW-Metal Cored Wire, FCAW, SAW).

To view a sample document for welding of stainless steels with AWS D1.6 code, click here

Summery of contents in weld document series “Welding Techniques and AWS Code Views”:

-Scope based on structural welding codes for each of the major arc welding processes

-Base metal groups, conform to each welding code, as well as industry information, like types of stainless steel, all fact about stainless steel, etc.

-Mode of welding process application: manual welding, semi-automatic welding, machine welding or automatic welding

-Filler metal, welding electrode, welding rod and welding wire that are most in use for each welding process, variables that affect electrode selection

-Storage and conditioning of filler metal, welding electrode, welding rod and welding wire

-Types of welding procedure specifications, prequalified welding procedure specification (pWPS) or non-prequalified welding procedure specification (WPS)

-Code limitation of variables for prequalified welding procedure specification (pWPS)

-Shielding gas selection for gas arc welding, based on metal transfer methods (short circuit, spray or globular mode of transfer)

-Flux types, an active flux versus neutral flux for submerged arc welding

-Welding positions as recommended by codes for various weld joint, and weld types like butt weld or fillet weld

-Electrical characteristics of arc welding, ac or dc welding, effect of electricity on the arc welding process, electrical variables

-Minimum preheat and interpass temperature for welding

-Heat treatment and stress relieving after welding

-Preparation of base material prior to welding

-Welding techniques for each process for fillet weld and butt weld or welding groove, stringer bead or weaving bead, torch angle, forehand or backhand method (push or pull method), whipping technique, ways on how to minimize the possibility of cracking, methods for starting and extinguishing the arc, electrode orientation, etc.

-Quality of welds, acceptable and unacceptable weld profiles for fillet weld or butt weld after welding, inspection criteria as per requirements of each code.

-Weld metal cleaning, method for removing slag during and after welding

-Welding symbols, welding safety and more


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